Wiggly little booger

We got our second look at Lo this morning. He/she/it is a wiggly little booger….when he/she/it is awake. Lo already showed a resemblence to me and Lisa by sleeping through most of the ultrasound. However, after a few minutes Lo woke up and started kicking and moving around. At times, it looked like he/she/it was standing on its head. Lo has grown to an impressive 4.9 cm, and from the picture it looks like inherited my huge noggin.

Here’s the latest TV static portrait of our bebe and our interpretation of the different shades of gray:
Lo second picture
This is a profile of Lo, with the head on the left, torso in the middle and legs on the right. (At least the legs aren’t growing out of the neck or something).

We got to hear a few seconds of heart beat (158 BPM), which was quite exciting. Lisa also rented a doppler so that we can hear the heart beat at home. We heard it for a few seconds tonight, but lost it after we made an adjustment on the monitor. As Lo grows, it should be easier to find. We’re looking forward to hearing the heart beat before we go to bed every night!

Lo’s First Picture

Lo’s First Picture

We got our first look at Lo today. The picture essentially looks like TV static, but we could see a strong heartbeat! The important thing is that there is only one baby. No twins, or worse, a six-pack, for us!

Click on the picture for a larger view of Lo.