Dreaming of Lo (part 2)

Well the adventure continues.  Yesterday, I went to both a maternity store and spent an hour at BabiesRUs without a single episode of freaking out.  I’m most impressed with my performance at BabiesRUs.  It can be a frightening, creepy place to the uninitiated.  We examined strollers, play yards, high chairs and cribs in great detail.  Who knew such things would ever grab so much of my attention? So as Lisa mentioned, we’ve both had dreams about Lo in the last couple of days.  Mine came last night – I’m sure the BabiesRUs experience had something to do with it.  In the dream, it seemed like it was our first night home with Lo.  This was odd because she (yes she for me too) appeared to be about three or four months old.  She was right beside the bed, just next to me.  She wasn’t in a bassinet, but what appeared to be a car seat resting on a stool.  She didn’t sleep at all during the night, just stared at us with big, blue eyes.  At one point, we decided that she must be hungry because she had grabbed the jar of peanut butter sitting next to her and proceeded to chew on it.  The fact that it was peanut butter made me a bit proud, because PB is my main weakness.  That and Michael Bolton.  Again, we are going to be great parents. This was a funny dream.  However, I did wake up feeling extremely anxious to meet Lo.  We still have several months to go, kid, but I can’t wait to see you and hold you.