Home, sweet home!

So, we’re finally here.  I don’t know why in the world I thought it would be a good idea to wait until Carter is here to move.  This officially kicked our butts!  I know the worst part was when Janie fell down the stairs and broke 3 ribs, but there were several instances that almost rivaled that as worst moment of the move.  Maybe the 10 minutes of what I was afraid were contractions…maybe the movers being 2 hours late and 3 times as expensive as thought…maybe hitting a jeep with the moving truck as we left our street in Baltimore…maybe the hotel window with the bullet hole…or maybe discovering that our Trek bicycles were stolen somewhere along the way.  Any of those were enough for me to stress out.  Just imagine what it would have been like for all of that to happen, and for there to be a baby involved!

So, enough complaining!  We’re home and couldn’t be happier!!!  I always knew that Janie had absolutely wonderful taste, but this house is amazing.  We have all of our stuff in the house and are slowly unpacking.  Maybe we’ll get it all done before Carter gets here.  :) 

Things are getting back to normal.  Cory is settling into his stressful commute and working environment:  downstairs overlooking the pool.  I also started back doing PRN (temp) work at Baylor in Dallas this week.  We never thought we would have missed our Texas life so much. 

Sick again but busy days ahead

We had a busy week when Lo and I got back from Maine, but it quickly turned sour.  I got the stomach bug that’s been going around Friday morning.  This is the sickest I’ve been since I was a kid.  I made Cory leave work early to come and take care of me.  He earned his keep.Cory’s dad and little brother arrived from Arkansas on Saturday afternoon.  Unfortunately they had to entertain themselves for two days because Cory got the stomach bug on Sunday morning.  We were all feeling a little bit better by Tuesday, so we were still able to have a good visit with Bart and Will.We have a few very exciting weeks ahead of us as we try to get everything ready for the move.  That’s right,  we’ve decided to move back sooner rather than later.  The plan is to load up our furniture in Baltimore on Monday, June 30th.  We should arrive at our new home in Allen on Thursday July 3rd.  Moving home before Lo joins us should help us to be more settled, and will ultimately save money.  Party at our house on July 4th!!!!   Strong back and arms and willingness to help unload required for admission.

Back among the living

So after a couple of weeks of feeling lousy and occasional barfing, I am feeling much better. However, I’m still tired enough to sleep 23 hours a day.  Also, my tastebuds are still kinda out of whack; things that used to be my favorite are no longer as appealing.  I had a craving for boiled/smashed eggs on Sunday, and then couldn’t eat them after we cooked them.  That said, some food is starting to taste good again.

We’ve had a couple of busy weekends, specifically the weekend before last when Sean, Lori, and Sadie visited. Lo got to experience many firsts…girl shopping with Aunt Lori, an Orioles/Yankees game, and the Bodies exhibit at the Science Museum. Oh, and Sean brought Cory a Wii, so what the boys did all weekend is self-explanitory.

We’re starting to put plans into place to make the move back home more managable.  We found a house in Allen that is big enough for Cory, Lo, and me, along with Janie and Dave (and Divinci and the cats).  We’ve all talked about living together for some time, once the “kids” started arriving, so we figured this was as good a time as any.  Our plan is for Janie to stay at home with Lo, being that I’m not sure that I am cut out to be a stay-at-home Mom.  Janie and Dave will move into the house this summer, and it will be ready for Cory, Lo, and me as soon as we leave Baltimore.  For those of you who thought our house in McKinney was in Oklahoma, we will now be 15 minutes closer to you!

We have another sonogram on Friday, so we should get to see Lo again soon.  Although, we can kinda see where Lo is now, as my belly has definitely “popped” a little in the past 2 days.  Having your stomach muscles stretch without exercising them sure feels weird!

Oh, and Oliver and Harold say “hi”.  They have become the forgotten children, as the majority of the attention lately has been on Lo!