Summer Recap

This summer has been super busy…hence the lack of posts. To fill you all in on our summer activities, without you having to read a novel, I thought I would do a post with mostly pictures.  And really, why else do you come to the blog, but to see pictures of Carter?!

Carter and I started Father’s Day off by making breakfast in bed for Cory and later celebrated with the Burnside clan:

Daddy's breakfast Father's Day with Grandaddy Swimming with Luke and Kurt

Papaw Bart came out for the 4th of July and we took Carter to the Dallas Zoo for the first time and then followed that up with fireworks at Kaboom Town.  Carter was a trooper, as ALL of that was in one day.  Poor baby finally fell asleep during the fireworks and missed the grand finale!

Zoo with Papaw Carter and Mommy on zoo turtle Carter hanging in his stroller

Sitting with Papaw Kaboom Town Airplane Loving the fireworks

Carter has had friends over to swim, gone on dates with Sara, and  learned to play the piano.

Swimming with Truitt Date with Sara Play it again, Carter

Carter also learned to express his own opinions and started to eat table food.

Carter’s little cousin Emma finally made her debut on August 12, which also happens to be Mimi’s birthday.

Emma's birthday Emma Mimi and Carter

Oh, and most importantly, he’s learned to walk independently with his lion:

All in all, a wonderful summer full of adventures!

Summertime and the livin’ is easy…

Sorry for the lack of posts recently.  We had MAJOR issues with WordPress but should now be back on track.  Be prepared for an overload of posts in the near future.  We have 5 weeks worth of material to share!

Carter made his debut in the pool on Memorial Day! Grandpa Dave has been sneaking his feet in the water for a little while now, but we heated both the pool and hot tub on Memorial Day to make things a little more like bath water for the initial entry. I’m happy to report that Carter throughly enjoyed himself. He is a lover of the outdoors and has been eyeing the pool for some time. Janie bought him a float that has a palm tree to provide a little shade. I also tried a sun hat but he would have none of it. I do believe that we will all be pruney by the end of the summer!

Returning to Baltimore

Last week, Carter returned to his roots. This meant he also made his first plane ride when he and I flew to Baltimore. Cory had to work in Baltimore last week so Carter and I joined him mid-week for our first family vacation. I was a little apprehensive about traveling with him by myself, but all turned out fine. We sailed through security (after they tested each of the seven bottles of milk), and were fortunate enough to be able to snag a better seat. When we booked the flight, the only thing available was a middle seat in the back of the plane. Fortunately, I was able to talk the gate agent into giving us a window seat. Before getting on the plane, I ran into a friend from college. I haven’t seen Beth in nearly 10 years, despite the fact that she lived in Baltimore while we did and now lives less than a mile from us. Carter handled the flight really well and made friends with the guy beside us. My treat of Oreos and ear plugs for the other guys on the row probably helped. I also had a stroke of genius: I tied all of Carter’s toys together on a ribbon so that when he tired of one and threw it, it didn’t hit the floor and we could move on to the next. Anticipating that I might have had a bad flight, Cory met us at the airport with a dozen roses. My boys missed each other.

Thursday was spent visiting friends at Cory’s work and at Hopkins. Carter easily met 40 new people and received dozens of raspberries on his cheeks. He handled it like a pro. That night, we had a wonderful dinner in Columbia, MD with friends Wil and Elisa.

Cory took Friday off, and after a leisurely morning at the hotel, and lunch at the “gas-ateria,” we headed down to Washington, DC for some site-seeing. While Cory and I enjoyed the sites, Carter seemed to be more impressed with the throngs of people. It was Memorial Day weekend and DC was packed. Crowds were everywhere, so we chose to do something that didn’t require standing in line. We parked outside the Dept. of Commerce and walked around the ellipse and up to the White House where Carter got his first look at his future home. He also got to see his first political demonstration. Native Tamils from Sri Lanka were petitioning President Obama with a chant that we still haven’t gotten out of our heads. Friday night we met my friend Susan for dinner at the best Italian restaurant period: Sabatinos in Little Italy. Cory practiced his right-handed eating while taking care of Carter so that I could catch up with Susan. A good time was had by all.

On Saturday, we visited our old neighborhood and stopped by to see our neighbors. Thankfully, Carter didn’t meet any Baltimore rats. However, we did climb Federal Hill so that he could get a good view of the Inner Harbor on an absolutely gorgeous day.

The flight back was uneventful, even if Carter didn’t sleep as much as we would’ve hoped. He was more intrigued with the baby across the aisle and the man sitting behind us making faces. We’re so glad Carter was a good traveler and we hope this is the first of many trips.

Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’…

Carter has officially started rolling over. Over the past week, he spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to get himself off of his tummy, since he hates it so much! I guess letting him get a little frustrated spurred his determintation and he finally figured it out. However, it was a big surprise to him once he finally got all the way over. We don’t have good pictures or video of him in action yet, but here is a picture of the surprised look he had once he finally got over!

Pooping on Papa and other tales of mischief

I promise that we are better parents than we are bloggers.

We’ve been enjoying Carter so much that it’s been tough finding time to write. But now that I’m back at work, I should be able to find more time. :-) It’s been a while since we posted, so let me tell you what’s been going on.

I went back to work part-time on January 12th, and it is wonderful because it lets me have my afternoons with Carter. Janie (Cory’s mom) is officially retired and is now employed as Carter’s nanny (or Jannie). She keeps him here at home, which saves us countless stress in the morning. He just goes downstairs in his pajamas when Cory goes down.

Carter had his two-month check-up on January 19th. He weighed in at 12 pounds, 11 ounces and measured 24 inches long. So far his height:weight ratio skews better than his parents. He also got a couple of shots, which made him scream. But since he has such a sweet disposition, he was laughing again by the time we left.

Speaking of laughter, there’s a lot more of it in our house now. Carter is full of smiles and laughs each morning and throughout much of the day. He’s trying really, really hard to laugh but so far has perfected nothing more than a dork laugh. Remember the inhaled laughs of the main characters on Revenge of the Nerds? That’s pretty close to what our little man does.

Carter recently spent his first day away from home. My parents kept him one day while I worked last week. They said he was a joy; full of smiles and laughter all morning long. However, he started getting fussy around noon and by 1:00 he had worked himself into a full-blown fit. They tried everything to calm him down and eventually resorted to taking off all of his clothes. Just as my Dad sat back down in the chair with him, he pooped. A lot. Everywhere. It got all over him, it got all over my dad, and it got all over the chair. That apparently did the trick. When Mom went to change him, he thought it was the funniest thing in the world.

Here are some pics of other moments we’ve enjoyed with him lately.

Holiday happiness

This was by far the best holiday ever! We did the usual holiday celebrations with family but there was an added bonus of knowing that we were exposing Carter to all of the love and support that Cory and I have been lucky enough to be given. Words don’t mean as much as pictures, so here’s a brief showing of what the holidays held for us.

Carter’s first date

Carter officially has a girlfriend. However, it may be more for our enjoyment than his at this point. Sara Marshall is the beautiful daughter of my college roommate, Shayna. She was born about 12 hours after Carter, which means that not only will they share an affinity for Texas Tech, they also share a birthday. Here are some pictures from their first date, which Sara enjoyed. Carter, however, found sleep more appealing than socialization!

Belly Bell Grande

I have officially decided that the womb must be like an all-inclusive resort for a fetus.  A constant warm temperature, food and drink on a whim, and never really wanting for anything.  Sounds nice, huh?  When my friend Julie May was pregnant with Molly and then Gabe, she lovingly referred to her tummy as Belly and Bellito.  This was very fitting for Julie.  However, in my case, the more appropriate term is Belly Bell Grande.  Hence the name of Carter’s all-inclusive resort.  If he doesn’t leave soon, can I start charging him double?

These last few weeks have been extremely exhausting for me and unfortunately for Cory, too.  I can’t sleep for more than one hour without having to go to the bathroom or turn over, which unfortunately takes a great deal of effort.  And even going upstairs is enough to leave me winded.  I’m still trying to work, but today I only made it until 2:30, when Carter started protesting to the point that I couldn’t walk!  I have my 37 week appointment tomorrow morning, and am really hoping that things have started to change.  Cross your fingers for me!

Murals and Misery

I’m guest-posting tonight because it’s 10:30 and Lisa’s been asleep for about two hours now.  As of tomorrow, she will be 36 weeks along, and that means she’s reached the point where she’s pretty much exhausted and miserable all the time.  Carter underwent a growth spurt in the last few days and Lisa’s body just hasn’t quite been able to keep up.  From the beginning of the pregnancy, whenever Lisa would exert herself too much and agitate Carter, he would stick his butt (or fist or foot or whatever was handy) outward against Lisa’s belly.  He’s finding reason to do that most of the time now and it can be quite uncomfortable for her.

We went to the OB this morning and everything was fine.  Lisa’s blood pressure was good and Carter’s heart rate was 140.  Dr. Harris was pleased with her progress, though Lisa was secretly hoping he’d send her home on bed rest.  However, he thinks continuing to work will be good for her.  He said it would help to take her mind off of her discomfort.

Preparations for Carter’s arrival are underway.  We’ve started making our packing list and we think Carter’s room is pretty well set.  The furniture is assembled and most of his newborn clothes are washed.  Earlier this week, Mom’s friend Andi finished the  mural.  Check out the pictures below.  We couldn’t be happier.  Stayed tuned for more news. 

Mural and changing table

Mural close up 

Overwhelmed by generosity

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post.  First, we’ve had some internet connection problems. Second, we’ve been incredibly busy for the last three weeks.  Each weekend since September 13, we’ve had a shower for Carter on Saturday and childbirth classes for Cory and me on Sundays.   I simply cannot believe how many people love us and are already spoiling Carter. Our first shower was hosted by some of Mom’s friends and the guests were mostly from her Sunday school class. It’s pretty amazing that anyone showed up, since Mom was the one that suggested that the class no longer throw showers for other members’ grandkids. However, not only did people show up, but they were incredibly generous. Carter received his bassinet and the portable stroller, as well as blankets and clothes galore. He will be one well-dressed baby. If you can mind the belly, click on the picture below to see more pics of the shower.

Lisa at the shower

The second shower was here at our house and hosted by both grandmoms, my best friend Suzanne, Janie’s friend (and Cory’s “second” mom) Annette, and my sister-in-law Jennifer. Special kudos to Jennifer for this shower. She pulled off something spectacular and made this a very special day. It was a very diverse crowd, well at least in terms of how we knew all of the guests. A surprise visit by our old neighbors from McKinney also helped the crowd not seem so white and Republican. Brian and Anne were the best neighbors imaginable and it was a real treat to see them. We also got to see old friends from college, as well as friends of Janie’s that we have not seen since our wedding. Again, everyone gave Carter way more than they should have. He got his glider chair from my parents, his travel system from Janie and Dave, an exersaucer, a play gym, changing pad, more clothes and two hand-made blankets. This kid already needs his own storage room. Click on the tasty cake to see more pictures of this event.

Tasty frog cake

The last shower was this last weekend, hosted by my friends from Our Children’s House at Baylor. This was by far the most elegant shower. It was held at the Chocolate Angel in Richardson. My friends from Baylor and Cory’s friends (or their wives) from Belo attended, as well as the grandmom’s and Carter’s Aunt Jennifer. This turned out to be the educational shower for a couple of reasons. First, the size of Carter’s library doubled or tripled with the amount of books he received. Second, each guest filled out a card with advice for me as a new mom. Of course, he got more adorable outfits, his bathtub, some toys, much needed diapers and lots of cute little shoes. Casey was kind enough to be a photographer and uploaded the pictures to a Kodak gallery. You might need to register (free) to view the pics.

Lisa’s friends

Thanks again for everyone’s generosity. I’m slowly cranking out thank you cards, so you should get yours soon.