Off on the road to Rhode Island


We recently took a family trip to Rhode Island to visit Lori and Sean, while also being able to take in a good friend’s wedding in Connecticut.  Getting ready was a little challenging, since “someone” didn’t want to be left out.


Each day, we had a lazy morning in the hotel before Sean and Lori met us for the day.

IMG_5614 IMG_5617

Our day in Boston was spent in a touristy Irish pub in Quincy Market for lunch and spent walking (or sleeping) around downtown before heading to Rhode Island.

Lori, Sean & Carter IMG_1484 3880010564_bf47284ded_b

Our first day in Rhode Island was a little rainy, so we went to a cafe in Narragannsett for lunch, had some Brickley’s ice cream, and hung out at Sean and Lori’s before having seafood in Wakefield.

Lisa and Cory IMG_5636 Carter loves Sadie

Sunday morning we started the day off with breakfast in Wakefield at the Bluebird Cafe, and then Cory and I got ready for a friends’ wedding at the Mansion at Harkness State Park.  Aunt Lori & Uncle Sean babysat while we went to the wedding, and we were relieved to find Carter sleeping peacefully when we came back.  Based on the pictures, he had a blast, too.

Training for his 1st 5K Picture 6 Uncle Sean and Carter

Monday, we took a picnic to Beavertail State Park and enjoyed the scenery.  We also managed our second trip to Brickleys in 3 days…because Carter wanted ice cream!

IMG_5629 IMG_5651 Daddy and Carter

We had a wonderful trip and were all sad to leave!


One Response to “Off on the road to Rhode Island”

    Sean says: November 3, 2009

    Love the pic of Carter “lounging” in the hotel room.