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Dining al fresco

The weather is finally getting nice in North Texas, so Carter had his cereal outside last night. Before he ate, Grandpa helped him practice his balancing skills while he sat on the side of the hot tub. About half-way through his cereal, Carter decided to jump straight to dessert and chew on his sock.

Dining al fresco from Cory Reed on Vimeo.

Carter’s first Easter

Carter celebrated his first Easter last weekend, and it was one of the busiest of his life. His Papaw Bart and Uncle Will drove in from Arkansas on Friday to stay the weekend. Carter hung out with the boys all day, visiting a Starbucks and a book store.

On Saturday, we all got up early and drove to the Dallas Arboretum, where we met our friendEmily Mulkey for a photo shoot. Carter, all decked out in his linen shirt, sweater and blue jeans, did really well. We had lunch at Ojeda’s and then went to his Mimi and Papa’s for an early Easter dinner with my family.

Sunday, we had lunch at Cory’s Uncle Randel and Aunt Sheila’s in Dallas. Carter put on quite a show, even if he was dressed like a redneck. He got lots of loving on the floor with his Aunt Sheila.

Despite short and infrequent naps, he was a trooper. Cory and I, on the other hand, were ready to drop by Sunday afternoon.

Emily’s pictures will be posted soon, but here are a few moments from last weekend.

Two of Carter’s three grandpas.

Yummy Easter basket.

Getting cheeky with cousin Lauren.

Floor time with Aunt Sheila.

Pic of the day 4/5/09

Do I use my spoon to eat my enchiladas?

Pic of the day 4/4/09

Wouldn’t I have been a cute newsie?

Immune system reset

WARNING: Pity Party to follow. Read at your own risk.

I think that the worst part of parenthood so far is that birthing Carter seems to have reset my immune system. Back to zero. Here’s a little glimpse of what my body has decided to do to me lately: heal from the c-section, wrist problems from “holding” Carter incorrectly, a cold, mastitis, another cold, another bout of mastitis, and yet anther cold. All within 4 months. How can one person be sick so much? Granted, my immune system wasn’t stellar prior to having Carter, but I don’t think that every germ that jumped onto my body felt a warm, inviting spirit like it does now. Can I please go back to being mean to germs?

That being said, I would do it all over in a heartbeat to be able to wake up to this every morning!