Monthly Archives: December 2008

A month of “firsts”

It’s pretty amazing when you really think about all of the “firsts” a baby experiences during infancy. Everything is brand new. How exciting (if maybe only for the parents)!  Too bad the kiddos won’t remember any of it.  I got the BEST first the parent of a one month-old can get this morning.  After Carter ate his breakfast, he and I were just playing and talking.  When I smiled at him, he smiled back at me.  A REAL smile.  Not one that is the result of gas.  It made my day!  Since it was so quick, I don’t have a picture, but here are some of Carter’s other “firsts”:

First car ride:

First sponge bath:

First trip to the doctor:

Meeting my great-grandaddy Vick:

First nap in my big-boy bed:

First trip to a restaurant:

First Thanksgiving:

First big-boy bath:

Rest assured, there will be many more “firsts”!

Yo, ‘sup?

Why, hellooo there!

Could I buy you a bottle of milk?

The life of a model is tiring

A photographer came to the house that morning and Carter was worn out after two hours of modeling.

Shopping with Mommy

Carter’s first trip to Target.

An amazing 4 weeks

I cannot believe that Cory and I started the whole “bring Carter into the world” process four weeks ago today with induction.  After 20 hours of labor, 2 1/2 hours of pushing, and a resulting C-section, you would think that we would have been too exhausted to enjoy Carter.  However, it was quite the opposite. These four weeks have flown by, yet I can’t really remember what we spent our time doing before Carter was here.  And I have no recollection of where all the love I have for him was hidden.  Carter has been welcomed into this world with so much love that he can’t help but be a little spoiled!

Everything is A-OK!

Little hero