Monthly Archives: November 2008

Happy naked baby

Carter had just woken up from a nap where he must have been having quite a dream.  He was laughing and grinning for several minutes before he woke up.

Buckle up for safety

Carter hasn’t been on too many car rides yet, but he’s not exactly a fan of the car seat.  He gets quite fuzzy as we’re strapping him in, but then it’s zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

See how skinny I am? Gimme some turkey!

Today marks Carter’s first Thanksgiving.  Based on that scale reading, I’d say he’s due some turkey.  And dressing.  And sweet potatoes. And pie.  And….

First trip to Ojeda’s

Last week we celebrated Carter’s one-week birthday with his first trip to Ojeda’s.  This makes three generations of Reeds that are Ojeda’s fans.  Sergio, the manager of the Plano location, promised to post this picture. Maybe they can find the picture of me when I was a baby and post them next to each other.

Healthy puppy

At his first check-up, Carter was given a clean bill of health.  Dr. Cook checked out all of his fingers and toes, behind his ears, and everywhere else.  Lisa will take him back on Wednesday for his two-week check-up.

Checking out his new digs

This picture was taken on Carter’s first morning at home.  Lisa had just fed him and afterward he laid in my lap (quite satiated) and checked out his new nursery.  

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

For her birthday today, Lisa just wanted to relax upstairs with her boys.  Carter and I readily agreed to this request.

First round of pictures

Hello folks. Sorry I’ve been so slow about getting more pictures out. I’ve been busy running errands, changing diapers, getting peed on, etc. I’ve uploaded quite a few, 74 as a matter of fact, to a MobileMe gallery. Here are a few samples below:

First Picture

Brand New

Yawn. Smack, smack.


Handsome Boy

Carter burrito

He’s here!

For those of you who have not yet heard, Carter made his arrival on Wednesday morning at 6:32 via C-section. He is perfect, although we may be a little biased! Here are a couple of pictures to tide you over until we can do an official blog update. We will be discharged home tomorrow, so updates will be coming soon!



The eviction process

I had another appointment with the OB yesterday and sadly have had no progress towards having this kiddo! It seems that Carter would be content to stay put until at least his first birthday. I, on the other hand, am soooo ready for him to be here. He has had adequate time to bake, and I am beginning to consider evicting him!

Even with random contractions, I am still barely dilated to 1 cm. My blood pressure has been high the last several visits but with no other signs of pre-eclampsia, Dr. Harris has been reluctant to push things. However, he and I are both now ready to proceed. So, on Monday at 1, Cory and I will go to the hospital to start the “ripening” process. This makes me feel a bit like a cantaloupe, but hey, if it gets things moving, I’m game. Apparently, they will place some kind of gel on my cervix, and observe me for several hours. This will either immediately start labor, or at least get me ready to actually induce later in the week. So, we should know by late Monday afternoon whether we will be staying in the hospital to deliver, or whether we get to come home and go back a few days later for induction.

It would be nice if Carter decided to come before officially being evicted (with induction), but if we need to get the sheriff involved I am fine with that, too. Either way, Carter should be here next week!