Murals and Misery

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I’m guest-posting tonight because it’s 10:30 and Lisa’s been asleep for about two hours now.  As of tomorrow, she will be 36 weeks along, and that means she’s reached the point where she’s pretty much exhausted and miserable all the time.  Carter underwent a growth spurt in the last few days and Lisa’s body just hasn’t quite been able to keep up.  From the beginning of the pregnancy, whenever Lisa would exert herself too much and agitate Carter, he would stick his butt (or fist or foot or whatever was handy) outward against Lisa’s belly.  He’s finding reason to do that most of the time now and it can be quite uncomfortable for her.

We went to the OB this morning and everything was fine.  Lisa’s blood pressure was good and Carter’s heart rate was 140.  Dr. Harris was pleased with her progress, though Lisa was secretly hoping he’d send her home on bed rest.  However, he thinks continuing to work will be good for her.  He said it would help to take her mind off of her discomfort.

Preparations for Carter’s arrival are underway.  We’ve started making our packing list and we think Carter’s room is pretty well set.  The furniture is assembled and most of his newborn clothes are washed.  Earlier this week, Mom’s friend Andi finished the  mural.  Check out the pictures below.  We couldn’t be happier.  Stayed tuned for more news. 

Mural and changing table

Mural close up 

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