Monthly Archives: August 2008

Gimme my bootie back!!!

I absolutely cannot wait until Carter gets here, if for no other reason than so that my butt will finally stop hurting!  This sciatic nerve thing stinks. :(   

Other than this, things are progressing nicely. My belly is measuring right where it needs to be and no news is good news on the glucose tolerance test. Thank goodness only one of us in the family has the “betes”.  I have another doctor’s appointment on Friday, which will also come with a Rhogam shot, since it’s likely that Carter and I have different blood types.   This appointment comes only two weeks after the last, so I hope that doesn’t mean we’re already on the two week schedule.  It’s scary to think that we may be that close!  I’m also increasingly getting larger cankles, so Dr. Harris wants to keep a close eye on them.  Although, my blood pressure and weight gain thus far have been great. 

Carter is becoming more active by the day, and has learned that if he plays the bongos while I am trying to eat a healthy dinner, I might just give up and eventually resort to ice-cream!   He already has me playing right into his little hands.  He and I will have it all to ourselves next week, as Cory travels back to B-more for work.  Thank goodness…this also means we have the bed to ourselves.  After 9 years of sharing a bed, sleeping alone in bed looks more and more enticing to me, especially as I grow! Not that I don’t really love my baby’s daddy, but at this point, I’ll take all the extra room I can get.


How much am I willing to pay to make sure I don’t look like a knocked-up baby mama? Obviously not much, because I bought a new wedding ring for $5.34 last week. My once long, delicate skinny fingers have become little snausages…so much so that my wedding ring doesn’t fit anymore. Lucky for me, Baylor was having a jewelry sale in the lobby and I found this little number.

New ring

Carter and I have felt very crowded this week. I constantly feel like I just finished Thanksgiving dinner. On top of that, I’ve got this little creature doing jumping jacks inside. Plus, my left butt cheek has been asleep for the last…I don’t know, month?!? I think we both feel some relief when we’re in the pool. Will it still be warm enough to swim in November? Or, will Cory love me enough to heat the pool in November? The women that have been pregnant 14 times and claim they were the happiest when they were pregnant need to have their heads examined. As much as we’re not prepared yet for Carter to be here, I’m soooo ready for his arrival. Both because I’m excited to see and meet him and because I’m ready to no longer be pregnant.