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It’s a boy!

Cory and I had our ultrasound today to look at Lo’s anatomy.  We are happy to say that all looks well.  Four distinct chambers in the heart, neatly formed ventricles in the brain, 2 kidneys, and a normal looking bladder.  Oh, and boy parts!!!!  So, Carter Jackson Reed will be making his debut sometime in November.   I am very thankful that I couldn’t hold out on finding out what Lo was.  I just knew we were having a girl!  While the surprise would have been wonderful, I’m glad that I can now buy blue stuff with no wonder.

It’s been busy around here.  We got back from Rhode Island late Saturday, spent Sunday packing, and today had the ultrasound and sold the Jetta.  When we kept Luke as an infant, his car seat wouldn’t fit without having to pull the driver’s seat up so far that Cory couldn’t comfortably drive.  I guess it’s really time to move on to a “Mom” car.  We’re looking at station wagons – very nice, very cool, fuel efficient station wagons, but station wagons, none the less.  We only have five more days in Baltimore, so things will only get busier.

Below are some pictures of Carter:Boy parts! 

This is a shot of Carter’s boy parts, as if he were sitting on top of a photo copier.  The arrow points out the goods.  (I’m sure he won’t mind me sharing this photo when he’s 16!)

Facial Profile  

This one is a close up of a facial profile.  Notice how my little roly-poly has his foot up at his chin!

Whole baby

This one is “all” of Carter.  He had his hands up hiding his face most of the time during the sonogram, as he does in this picture.  Kinda looks like he’s sucking his thumb, but I think he’s just shy!

We’re already proud of our little guy, and Cory is already calling him C-man.  We can’t wait!  See you in Texas next week :)  

Well-travelled baby!

By the time we get moved to Texas, Lo will have travelled through 16 different states!!!   I (and Lo) have been able to enjoy a wonderful week in Maine, many day trips around Maryland, a week on the beach in Rhode Island, and then all the states we will pass through on the way back home to Texas.  Being on the East Coast has been great, since it puts us in such close proximity to many neat places.  One thing we will miss about Baltimore is how close it is to everything else.  Here is a picture that we took on Tuesday on Block Island, RI.  It was absolutely beautiful! 

Block Island

Baby Bump

Lo seems to be growing by the day…much to my waistline’s sadness.  Looking at me now, there is no question whether I’m pregnant.  I guess this makes me feel a little better, being that I no longer just look frumpy!  Lo is becoming more active, but still seems to sleep quite a bit. No doubt that Lo is my kid!  We have a sonogram scheduled for Tuesday to see Lo in a little more detail. With any luck, Lo will cooperate and let us know if there are girl or boy parts!  We’ll keep you updated!

Baby Bumps 

 Silly Baby Bump