Sick again but busy days ahead

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We had a busy week when Lo and I got back from Maine, but it quickly turned sour.  I got the stomach bug that’s been going around Friday morning.  This is the sickest I’ve been since I was a kid.  I made Cory leave work early to come and take care of me.  He earned his keep.Cory’s dad and little brother arrived from Arkansas on Saturday afternoon.  Unfortunately they had to entertain themselves for two days because Cory got the stomach bug on Sunday morning.  We were all feeling a little bit better by Tuesday, so we were still able to have a good visit with Bart and Will.We have a few very exciting weeks ahead of us as we try to get everything ready for the move.  That’s right,  we’ve decided to move back sooner rather than later.  The plan is to load up our furniture in Baltimore on Monday, June 30th.  We should arrive at our new home in Allen on Thursday July 3rd.  Moving home before Lo joins us should help us to be more settled, and will ultimately save money.  Party at our house on July 4th!!!!   Strong back and arms and willingness to help unload required for admission.

One Response to “Sick again but busy days ahead”

    Ann says: June 4, 2008

    Hey guys – I can probably come help unload on the 4th, if you need help.