Monthly Archives: May 2008

Sick again but busy days ahead

We had a busy week when Lo and I got back from Maine, but it quickly turned sour.  I got the stomach bug that’s been going around Friday morning.  This is the sickest I’ve been since I was a kid.  I made Cory leave work early to come and take care of me.  He earned his keep.Cory’s dad and little brother arrived from Arkansas on Saturday afternoon.  Unfortunately they had to entertain themselves for two days because Cory got the stomach bug on Sunday morning.  We were all feeling a little bit better by Tuesday, so we were still able to have a good visit with Bart and Will.We have a few very exciting weeks ahead of us as we try to get everything ready for the move.  That’s right,  we’ve decided to move back sooner rather than later.  The plan is to load up our furniture in Baltimore on Monday, June 30th.  We should arrive at our new home in Allen on Thursday July 3rd.  Moving home before Lo joins us should help us to be more settled, and will ultimately save money.  Party at our house on July 4th!!!!   Strong back and arms and willingness to help unload required for admission.

Dreaming of Lo (part 2)

Well the adventure continues.  Yesterday, I went to both a maternity store and spent an hour at BabiesRUs without a single episode of freaking out.  I’m most impressed with my performance at BabiesRUs.  It can be a frightening, creepy place to the uninitiated.  We examined strollers, play yards, high chairs and cribs in great detail.  Who knew such things would ever grab so much of my attention? So as Lisa mentioned, we’ve both had dreams about Lo in the last couple of days.  Mine came last night – I’m sure the BabiesRUs experience had something to do with it.  In the dream, it seemed like it was our first night home with Lo.  This was odd because she (yes she for me too) appeared to be about three or four months old.  She was right beside the bed, just next to me.  She wasn’t in a bassinet, but what appeared to be a car seat resting on a stool.  She didn’t sleep at all during the night, just stared at us with big, blue eyes.  At one point, we decided that she must be hungry because she had grabbed the jar of peanut butter sitting next to her and proceeded to chew on it.  The fact that it was peanut butter made me a bit proud, because PB is my main weakness.  That and Michael Bolton.  Again, we are going to be great parents. This was a funny dream.  However, I did wake up feeling extremely anxious to meet Lo.  We still have several months to go, kid, but I can’t wait to see you and hold you. 

Dreaming of Lo (part 1)

We had another appointment this week with the OB.  The results from the ultrasound last week still weren’t back yet, so it was a short visit.  We got to hear Lo’s heartbeat – officially on the doctor’s equipment.  However, we did get scolded by the nurse midwife for renting the home Doppler so that we could hear Lo’s heartbeat before we go to bed every night.  Apparently some people freak out if they can’t find the heartbeat, which leads to middle-of-the night panicked phone calls to the nurse.  We understood because the heartbeat had been elusive at home, but we still agreed to never call her for that in the middle of the night.  It has been nice hearing the heartbeat for a few seconds at a time.  Saturday we found it long enough to call my parents so they could hear it, and they were thrilled to hear it like we were.

Cory and I have both had dreams about Lo recently.   In mine, Cory, my dad and I went to the Golden Corral in Lubbock during the winter time.  As we got out of the car, Dad reminded me to get the baby.  Lo was in her car seat (and it was a her in the dream) strapped to the roof of the car.  Apparently I’ll be a wonderful mother!  Cory will tell about his dream in a separate post. 

Lo is going on his/her first overnight trip this week.  I’ll be attending the Association of Pediatric Oncology Social Workers conference in Bar Harbor, Maine.  Hopefully airplane flights and long car rides will be agreeable to Lo.

Wiggly little booger

We got our second look at Lo this morning. He/she/it is a wiggly little booger….when he/she/it is awake. Lo already showed a resemblence to me and Lisa by sleeping through most of the ultrasound. However, after a few minutes Lo woke up and started kicking and moving around. At times, it looked like he/she/it was standing on its head. Lo has grown to an impressive 4.9 cm, and from the picture it looks like inherited my huge noggin.

Here’s the latest TV static portrait of our bebe and our interpretation of the different shades of gray:
Lo second picture
This is a profile of Lo, with the head on the left, torso in the middle and legs on the right. (At least the legs aren’t growing out of the neck or something).

We got to hear a few seconds of heart beat (158 BPM), which was quite exciting. Lisa also rented a doppler so that we can hear the heart beat at home. We heard it for a few seconds tonight, but lost it after we made an adjustment on the monitor. As Lo grows, it should be easier to find. We’re looking forward to hearing the heart beat before we go to bed every night!