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Back among the living

So after a couple of weeks of feeling lousy and occasional barfing, I am feeling much better. However, I’m still tired enough to sleep 23 hours a day.  Also, my tastebuds are still kinda out of whack; things that used to be my favorite are no longer as appealing.  I had a craving for boiled/smashed eggs on Sunday, and then couldn’t eat them after we cooked them.  That said, some food is starting to taste good again.

We’ve had a couple of busy weekends, specifically the weekend before last when Sean, Lori, and Sadie visited. Lo got to experience many firsts…girl shopping with Aunt Lori, an Orioles/Yankees game, and the Bodies exhibit at the Science Museum. Oh, and Sean brought Cory a Wii, so what the boys did all weekend is self-explanitory.

We’re starting to put plans into place to make the move back home more managable.  We found a house in Allen that is big enough for Cory, Lo, and me, along with Janie and Dave (and Divinci and the cats).  We’ve all talked about living together for some time, once the “kids” started arriving, so we figured this was as good a time as any.  Our plan is for Janie to stay at home with Lo, being that I’m not sure that I am cut out to be a stay-at-home Mom.  Janie and Dave will move into the house this summer, and it will be ready for Cory, Lo, and me as soon as we leave Baltimore.  For those of you who thought our house in McKinney was in Oklahoma, we will now be 15 minutes closer to you!

We have another sonogram on Friday, so we should get to see Lo again soon.  Although, we can kinda see where Lo is now, as my belly has definitely “popped” a little in the past 2 days.  Having your stomach muscles stretch without exercising them sure feels weird!

Oh, and Oliver and Harold say “hi”.  They have become the forgotten children, as the majority of the attention lately has been on Lo!

Lo is tail-less!

Just thought I would give a quick update as to what is happening with Lo this week.  We are so proud that Lo is starting to resemble a human, instead of a tadpole!

Texas bound…eventually!

Cory and I got great news last week, as his wonderful company has decided that they will let him relocate to Dallas and work from home (or the Plano office, when needed). Obviously, we are very gracious since they moved us up here last year. So that means that around the first of the year, we will be headed back South. The plan as of now, is to deliver Lo here in Baltimore and move to Dallas about 6 or 8 weeks later. Needless to say, we are thrilled and so are Lo’s grandparents!

Since we won’t be here long after Lo arrives, we think it’s a little silly to create and furnish an entire nursery only to move it all back home. Because of this, we have also decided that we will wait to find out “what” Lo is until delivery and decorate the nursery with Lo’s help. Keep your fingers crossed that we can withstand the pressure to know during future ultrasounds!

This week has been super long as Lo and I are exhausted a great deal of the time. Poor Cory has had to resort to making cereal and PB&J for dinner many times this week as I slept on the couch. However, with the exception of yesterday, the queasiness has been much improved. Thank goodness for weekends. Can’t wait to not set the alarm in the morning!!

Lo’s First Picture

Lo’s First Picture

We got our first look at Lo today. The picture essentially looks like TV static, but we could see a strong heartbeat! The important thing is that there is only one baby. No twins, or worse, a six-pack, for us!

Click on the picture for a larger view of Lo.

Sleep…precious sleep!

Who knew that growing a baby would be so exhausting? I seriously think that if I let myself, my body would gladly sleep 23 hours of each day! Even with all of the excitement of Frankie visiting this weekend, my body demanded naps in the car both Saturday and Sunday while Cory and Frankie went sight-seeing. Anybody else able to brag that they have slept in a cemetery?

For those who know me well, you must know how much I enjoy my food. But I’m really trying to be good and eat more veggies. This is not the easiest thing to do when you work in a hospital. My theory is that hospitals only serve fatty, greasy foods (soaked in butter) with the hope that it will cause you health problems that they can fix with expensive procedures! Eating in general has been somewhat difficult. I never thought I would have to make myself eat, but that seems to be happening a lot in the evenings. Breakfast is fine, lunch is okay (if I eat early enough), but come 2:00 in the afternoon, my queasiness strikes. Generally the nausea is just an inconvenience, but getting a good dinner in my belly for Lo has proven less than easy.

Even with all of my complaining, I wouldn’t trade this for the world!