Monthly Archives: March 2008

What a week!

Suddenly, last Monday the thought hit me that I might be pregnant. So I decided I’d go to CVS and buy a home pregnancy test. What an overwhelming feat…there must have been 20 to chose from! I bought a 3-pack thinking that I would be able to use the other tests at some point, since I knew the first one I took would be negative. Imagine my surprise when there were 2 pink lines! I showed the test to Cory and we immediately decided we had better try it again. So we took another test. And again, 2 pink lines. Our intial reaction was “hmmm”. Not good, not bad…just “hmmm”. However, as the thought started to sink in, we were clearly excited and unable to sleep!

On Tuesday, I called the doctor and set up my first appointment for Friday. Even though Cory and I had already decided that we would tell our parents and brothers Tuesday night, my OCD kicked in and I figured that I had to be sure before we told anyone. Since both of the tests that I used were the same brand, I was worried that maybe I had done them both wrong. So while enjoying another trip to CVS, I bought a third test that was another brand. What do you know… a third positive test! At this point, we felt sure enough to share the news with our families. Of course, Mom and Dad’s reaction was priceless…”of course we’ll come when you have the baby, but we’re not leaving the baby in Baltimore”. Janie let us know that ours was the best phone call she had ever received. As for Bart, he was initially confused about who was going to be a grandpa, but quickly caught on. Kurt was happy and Jennifer screamed. Lori was excited and Sean just wanted to know how long it would be before we knew if he would be an aunt or an uncle! What a family!!!

Our first appointment at the OB’s office was on Friday, and Cory and I met with one of the nurse-midwives to go over all of our families’ histories and so that she could warn me of all the things that I am no longer allowed to do. Hopefully, since I’m foregoing smoking crack, the kid will get the good genes from both sides. :) After lab work, Cory and I left the office in bliss. We went straight to Barnes & Noble to buy the baby books, and spent most of the weekend reading about what is to come. Neither of us can really believe it, but we’re going to be parents! We’ve started referring to the baby as Lo, which stands for Little One (our first official act as weird parents).

So far, I’ve only had a little bit of a queasy tummy…but it was a good excuse to let me miss the gym this morning! Keep your fingers crossed that it stays this way.

Big News!

Oh my gosh!

Cory and I got some unexpected news on Monday. However, we’re thrilled with the news that we’re going to be parents. Right now it looks like the baby will be here around the middle of November, which gives us plenty of time to prepare. Guess this means that Cory will have to get over his fear of BabiesRUs!

The picture above is just a joke…the real reaction is below. We can’t wait!